After two years since the last program of sthlmnyc, a collaborative network for knowledge exchange between Stockholm and New York CIty, we reached out to our network and provided the sthlmnyc participants the opportunity to reconnect with each other.

We asked the participants which conversations during the sthlmnyc program they remembered specifically, conversations that where just entertaining or conversations that changed their way of thinking and doing.

We reconnected the participants to continue that specific conversation, but we also asked them to, together, reflect on the pressing issue of health, its inequity and how urban planning and design and architecture could have a positive impact.

The conversations where recorded and transcribed to be shared with you and hopefully many others as an inspiration towards a healthier and more just urban environment.

Welcome to the sthlmnyc conversations.


STHLMNYC brings people together to learn, to discuss and to collaborate to influence the future of our cities by providing innovative solutions for the urban environment.
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